• United SK8S Weekly Moxi Rainbow Rider 🌈

    Chat an all that over the Moxi brand, Park Builds New Rainbow rider. vans, Antiks, Jack boot, Bont Parkstar.
  • United SK8S Weekly Bearing Cleaning

    Cleaning your wheels bearings on your Roller Skates. The cheap quick easy way. No fuss, job done.
  • SFR Hurricane Adjustable Kids Skates

    A quick look at some adjustable skates for kids. A proven track record from SFR after 3 years of Roller Disco Hire.
  • United SK8S Weekly 17th October SK8shop

  • United SK8S Weekly

  • United SK8S Weekly

    Skates and Skating Potential Return of the Discos.......
  • Light up Wheels Luminous click on the wheels for Vlog.


  • Adjustable Skates Info

    Adjustable Skates whats good whats bad.
  • Thank You 2019

  • My Derby Ice Instant Cooling Towel is like magic!

    I can't tell you how this magic works but I can tell you that it is now my favourite thing in my Roller Derby Kit! Just wet and shake it and there ...
  • It's Alive!

    Tears & Tantrums - But Finally!