It's Alive!

It's been a long time coming, 3 years in the making.

There have been two failed attempts along the way. There have been tears and a few tantrums. I may have also accidentally stepped on the odd toe (stop) here and there along the way. 


Finally we have the makings of an online store. Its fast, its ready. It hasn't quite got everything detailed as yet but we will update the store weekly. If you need something but cant see it just send us a quick email as it could be that we have just not added it yet on the product listing. Email!

We will now never be turning you away or saying go here, or there for equipment.

No way!

We can now supply anyone with what they need from a single item to larger bulk orders.

From a pair of budget friendly roller disco boots right up to the higher end Roller derby and Rhythm dance boots. We can also supply colourlab facilities for Antik, Riedell and Moxi.

We can also help to finance your needs and spread the cost of your dream derby/ dance skates & plates. Simply contact us for details. We can meet to discuss and plan your perfect set up.For us its about us guiding you through the process at an affordable rate for you. It really is as simple as pay your agreed deposit, pay the agreed monthly payment, make your final payment and your order is shipped. Talk to us, let us help to make your dream roller skates a reality.

Family budgets are catered for, and for social skating or at roller discos. We can now order what you want there and then. You can then have it delivered to your door within 3 working days of any roller disco.

We will have access to this store at our mobile events where we can talk you through what you want with our best advice and experience. We feel this is a  much better platform to help to assist you with your purchases.


We have some sets of equipment organised for you at a reduced cost that are adequate for the skating you will be/are doing. These skate packages have been tried and tested over the last 3 years+ of classes.

We do realise that it can be a substantial investment when you/your child signs up or for one of our classes. On that note, anyone who signs up will automatically be entitled to a further 10% discount from this store. This also includes the reduced packages on offer. 

SK8ercise classes are rolling out again, we look forward to you trying it out with us in a safe, secure, professional environment.

SK8ercise Adults click Here!   SK8ercise Juniors click Here!

To continue this ,my first blog for our store, I would like to take a minute to thank some skaters and share some behind the scenes information.

 After breaking my ankle on a skate out, "standing still of all things to be doing" we managed to keep Rolling Rolling Rolling!

I'd like to take a moment to thank all those skaters who turned up early at events without being asked, who helped unload the van set up halls and even DJ events.

I had a real lump in my throat along with some silly terrible hay fever.

Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh skaters I thank you from the bottom of my bearings.

Kevin, Beefy, Scotty, Max, Gary & family, Brian & family,  if  i can ever assist you with anything, I shall.

Moving on drying my eyes.

Special thanks to Lynne Hope of NTRD who has worked away in the background designing our shop. Lynne will also be assisting in the managing of the site and mobile store as we grow.

United SK8S Ltd is way more than just a one man operation. 

We have to also thank Head coach Life Raluy who takes care of our SK8ercise classes in Edinburgh along with our Junior Roller Derby team - Demonburgh.

Jo Reilly - Fife, Angie O'Neil - Dundee, Jo Banks - Aberdeen.

Mark Taz Cullen our volunteer head ref for our junior leagues.

Scotty Mckenzie our new juniors coach for Junior SK8ercise Edinburgh.

Between all of us behind the scenes at United SK8S Ltd there is a wealth of skating knowledge and support from the best in the business.

United SK8S was formed to unite skaters from all over the country. Its great to see we are doing so in some small ways, seeing forums for skating starting to populate with skaters from all over Scotland.

Here at United SK8S there is probably not a skate nor wheel nut not tested by at least one of us, a wealth of knowledge for the sport and past time we all love. We are way more than just another retail company we are a SK8 company run by skaters for skaters.

SK8 with you all somewhere, sometime very soon!

James Hunter


United SK8S Ltd

Lets Roll!