My Derby Ice Instant Cooling Towel is like magic!

I can't tell you how this magic works but I can tell you that it is now my favourite thing in my Roller Derby Kit!

Just wet and shake it and there you have it! cold and awwww so cooling!

The patterns are also pretty cute too and I love my rainbow animal print one. 

I skate in oven-like sport halls 4 times a week and this cooling towel has been a bit of a revelation to me! I keep using it at every water break and it is still cold throughout the session while still being soft and sturdy.

I have other skaters asking me about it and not fully believing that it stays cold like that but then at the end of the session I'm still getting the cooling effect around my neck and my face brightness up even when sweat is pouring down. I cannot recommend this instant  cooling towel enough! 

Lifesaber 10

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