Stormskater Boot Riedell Unity 3200

Riedell Unity 3200 Stormskater colourlab skater designed boot supplied by Unitedsk8shop and sponsorship deal.

This has been a long time coming, we first looked into this sponsorship deal in 2018 when we were fully operating as a roller Disco company providing roller discos around Scotland since 2016.

We just had to find the right Skater. in 2019 we approached Ishariah aka StormSkater.

The look , the vibe, the passion for skating was all there, not to mention an Image our Director James found that took him back to his childhood the beginning of his own passion for Roller Skating.

That image was of Donna Summer in the early 80's wearing a sparkly cat suit. Storm too in a shoot had a very similar look.

Go follow Stormskater on social, Instagram, Facebook and if you feel the need strap on your skates and join her Stormskater Academy. for skate related equipment. for skate builds.